Susan Pevensie’s Bow

This wasn’t a very complicated build, but very satisfying. I think it turned out better than I expected, and really completes the costume. It was simply sculpted from a couple sheets of MDF glued together, cut to shape with a jigsaw, and shaped using a belt sander, rasps, files, and a dremel. The biggest hurdle was sealing the carved MDF, since it’s basically a big sponge and impossible to paint until it’s sealed. I’ve tried wood glue in the past, and it seems to just exacerbate the fuzziness. What I ended up doing was using a brush-on polyurethane. That seemed to work better than anything else I’ve tried, but I don’t love it. I’ve since been alerted to the existence of something called Evercoat Featherfill, which I believe will work better. Once the shape was carved and sealed, I added details with Milliput epoxy putty.

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  1. Hey I am totally envious of you for making this bow,it just seems like magic to me and I love it! I have a question though I do see that you made this just a couple of months ago and I was wondering would you consider making me one as I am a fellow Narnia fan or would you be willing to sell this to me? im not sure how much something like this would cost but if we could work something out that would mean the world to me. Thanks so much, Jay

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, this bow is definitely spoken for – my wife is not letting it go any time soon. I am also not taking commissions right now, since I also have a full-time job and can’t guarantee I could build you something in a reasonable time-frame. If you want to email me (, I can contact you if my schedule clears up.

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